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How Lake Bluff Campers Can Support Camp Good Days and Special Times

Camp Good Days and Special Times is a fun place for children and adults that have special needs and/or suffer from a terminal illness. Lake Bluff Campground chose to support Camp Good Days with our fundraising efforts because, much like most of us, we know at least one person who suffers from cancer or other debilitating condition.  You can help with your support in a number of ways:

Lots of kazoo's for Cancer Mission 2020

Enjoy making a racket all throughout camp while supporting a great cause! Kazoos are on sale at the store and all proceeds go directly to Camp Good Days and Special Times.

Camp Good Days Balloons

Looking for a more ear-pleasing way to show your support? Stop in the store and purchase balloons to show your support. 

Donations for Camp Good Days

If you are interested in simply providing a cash donation, look for the donation box by the store cash register.


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